Specialty: Musculoskeletal

Radiologists: Louise Small, Rajasekhar Garikipati, Penny Bennion, Kirsty Robertson, Rebecca Pinner, Garry Gabayno, Rachael Hinchliffe, Michelle Mannion, Karen Ashley, Tom McHugh

Our expert team of specialists offers high quality diagnosis of all orthopaedic and sports-related injuries and conditions, enabling and facilitating treatment by our surgical and physician colleagues.

Musculoskeletal radiology often focuses on the detection and characterisation of injuries of both the bones and soft tissues throughout the body. We work across disciplines with colleagues both within and outside the hospital to ensure smooth diagnosis and treatment for each and every patient. We have regular Multidisciplinary meetings with our Orthopaedic colleagues to discuss complex cases, to correlate clinical and imaging findings and to update each other on advances on both sides.

In addition to common and uncommon fractures, Musculoskeletal radiology covers a very wide range of potential ailments, including ligament and tendon injuries, metabolic problems, spine abnormalities or injuries, and conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, tumours of the bones and soft tissues are also identified and characterised. We utilise a range of imaging techniques in our work, however, speaking directly to a patient is a very important aspect of the diagnostic process. Using these techniques we can also apply treatment accurately to where it is needed.