GP Plain X-Ray Service UHB Recovery Plan

Effective from 01/06/20.

In order to control footfall in the Imaging Dept and maintain social distancing the following will be in operation across all UHB sites.

Plain X-Ray activity will resume but will be provided as a purely booked appointment service.

All forms should be electronically conveyed to the relevant site. Please do not send forms via the post as this will slow down the bookings process. Please also check that the telephone number and address supplied are correct at the time of consultation as this will speed the process up.


Electronic referral


Electronic referral


Electronic referral


Fax: 0121 424 3083
Electronical referral

Each request will be vetted on arrival for appropriateness and sufficient clinical information. If the request is not deemed appropriate or is incomplete it will be returned to the GP.

Urgent requests: The patient will receive a telephone call to arrange a mutually agreeable time. This service is specifically for patients requiring a chest X-Ray with suspected cancer, infection or patients with suspected fracture. Urgent requests are not accepted at Solihull Hospital.

The request form must be marked as urgent.

Routine: The patient will be sent an appointment in the post with an option to change if they are unable to attend.  Where possible the patient will be called to agree an appointment before the letter is sent in the post.

This service will be available at the following sites:

QEHB 08:00 – 19:30 (Monday – Friday currently, no paediatric requests)
BHH 09:00 – 17:00 (Monday – Friday currently)
Good Hope     09:00 – 17:00 (Monday – Friday currently)
Solihull           08:00 – 20:00 (Monday – Sunday currently, no urgent requests) 

Weekend appointments will be offered if demand is sufficient.

Please can you advise patients:

  • We are now operating an appointment service only and patients will not be seen outside of their allotted time.
  • If patients turn up without an appointment they will be turned away. Please stress this to the patient.
  • Do not attend with children.
  • If they, or any member of their household is suffering or showing symptoms of Coronavirus, do not attend but please call the department on the telephone number detailed on their appointment letter.

Please emphasise to the patient that when an appointment is booked they must attend or notify the relevant department if they are unable to do so. If they cannot attend for any reason then the appointment will be rescheduled.

If a patient fails to attend their appointment, the request will be returned to the referring GP.

Patients are provided with the following reassurances:

  1. The staff you meet will be wearing protective masks, gloves and aprons for both your safety and their safety. We welcome you to bring your own mask but we will be happy to provide a mask if required.
  2. We are making sure that our waiting rooms maintain social distancing. We are booking fewer appointments than normal. If you need to be accompanied by a carer or advocate, please limit to one person (but not a child).
  3. The equipment is thoroughly cleaned between each patient in accordance with government guidance.
  4. Where possible outpatients are imaged in a separate area of the department to inpatients.