The Imaging Directorate at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust provide a wide range of imaging modalities.

Ultrasound - Ultrasound is simply a frequency of sound which the (adult) human ear is incapable of detecting. It is used in imaging by emitting soundwaves which reflect back to the detection device,… ... read more
Plain Film X-ray - Plain film X-ray is often a patient’s first interaction with the imaging department.  An X-ray is a quick and painless procedure commonly used to produce images of the inside of… ... read more
Nuclear Medicine Imaging - The Nuclear Medicine Department at Heartlands and Good Hope Hospitals perform scans and tests which look at how different parts of the body function. About half of scans that are… ... read more
Mammography - Across Good Hope and Solihull Hospitals we have two dedicated Mammography suites where we have the latest Digital Mammography equipment. At Solihull the Mammography room is situated close by the… ... read more
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - A medical imaging modality - which can visualise the insides of the human body in very high detail, MRI is particularly useful when imaging the body's 'soft tissues'. This makes… ... read more
Fluoroscopy - Fluoroscopy is one of many imaging modalities in our busy imaging department. Digital fluoroscopy uses x-rays to produce images of the body part under investigation on a fluorescent screen which is… ... read more
Computed Tomography (CT) - CT scanning is a fast, accurate and non invasive way of producing high quality cross sectional images of the body. It is used to help doctors diagnose and treat many… ... read more
Bone Densitometry (DEXA) - Bone Mineral Density can affect many patients particularly the elder generation who suffer from fragility fractures. It also needs to be monitored in more recent years on patients who are… ... read more