Text Messaging Service

It is now possible for you to receive a text message reminder the day before your appointment. If you would like to receive this service please phone the number on your appointment letter with details of your mobile phone number.

To cancel/change your appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. This will enable us to offer the appointment to another patient and it makes a real difference to our resources.

What to bring with you

The department will already have details about the reasons for your referral, but please bring the following with you:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Your personal details, such as your address, postcode and a contact number
  • Your home address if this is different from where you currently live
  • Your GP’s address and telephone number

Please check the text of your appointment letter for any specific instructions. Should you have any special needs or specific worries about attending for your appointment we are here to help facilitate your visit.

What to do on arrival

Please report to the reception desk indicated in your appointment letter.

The receptionist will confirm with you your name, address and date of birth. This is to enable us to maintain accuracy both within your medical records and on our computer system.

What will happen

The department has an appointment system, so arriving early may not mean that you will be seen sooner. We always try to make sure that you are seen by a member of our clinical staff as near to the time of your appointment as possible. This should generally be within 30 minutes of your appointment time. You should be told if there is going to be a delay.

At your appointment, you may be seen by either a consultant radiologist, another doctor who works on the consultant’s team, sonographer or radiographer depending on the examination you have been referred for.

Ask the medical team to explain anything that you don’t understand, and discuss anything that is worrying you. You can have any proposed examination clearly explained to you, so that you can find out if there are any risks involved and any alternatives before you decide whether to agree to it.

Following your examination

The medical team will give you a slip of paper to provide you with information on when to obtain your results.