Practice & Education

We have an excellent relationship with the Trust’s Education Department, in relation to internal courses, preceptorship, and all aspects of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and more recently with the prospect of running a Red Dot Study Day that will be advertised nationally in the very near future.

Birmingham City University


The Imaging Directorate has a strong collaborative working relationship with the local University, Birmingham City University (BCU) with regards to Undergraduate and Postgraduate training including Post Graduate advanced practice in Appendicular / Axial Plain Film Reporting, CT Head Reporting & Ultrasound. The Practice and Education Lead for Imaging regularly attends the Clinical Placement Liaison Group meetings with the University, which focuses on the Undergraduate students. A clinical tutor comes out to visit the students on a regular basis and also meets with the Practice and Education Lead, Imaging Services Leads and student liaison radiographers to discuss the students’ progress to provide support and strengthen the good working relationship with the University.  The Practice & Education Co-ordinator for Ultrasound also regularly attends meetings at the university in relation to the postgraduate ultrasound trainees.

Student Support

There are up to 17 undergraduate radiographer students in each year group assigned to our Imaging Directorate.  These students are divided to work across two of our hospital sites, either Heartlands and Solihull or Heartlands and Good Hope.  This allows the students to experience a range of working environments and Imaging modalities.

The support for our students provides a development opportunity for our Radiographers at varying levels.  Upon completion of the Preceptorship portfolio, all Radiographers have the opportunity to be trained at BCU to become student Mentor and Assessors.  This provides additional skills to supervise students and provide documented professional comments on their progress as well as formally assess their clinical skills.

Radiographers with more than 4 years’ experience may also be invited to be trained as Lead Assessors.  Lead Assessors conduct final formative and summative professional assessments for 3rd year students in an interview format.  Should students fall below standard, the radiographers would produce action plans for students to complete.

Student liaison Radiographers are also nominated at each hospital site as an additional point of contact to provide pastoral care as well as professional support.  These are generally senior radiographers with an interest in training who have taken this opportunity to develop their leadership skills further.

The Directorate also supports the training of Assistant Practitioners.  The Trainee Assistant Practitioners (TAPs) have nominated Clinical Learning Facilitators (CLF) on each site who provide professional support, direction and assess the TAPs clinical abilities.  CLFs tend to be experienced, senior radiographers who have also undergone some additional training at the university in order to take on this role.

BCU also provides regular visits for a member of their staff, a Clinical Liaison Tutor who also provides support to our undergraduate radiography and TAP students as well as liaising with key Imaging staff.

Corporate & Local Induction

All new employees to the Trust undergo a two day corporate induction program.  Following this a local induction takes place within Imaging.

For a radiographer on average the induction period will span 12 weeks and ensure by the end of it that the radiographers are competent within their scope of practice.  Working hours during this period are generally between 08:00 – 20:00.  A personal mentor will be assigned at induction to provide additional professional and pastoral support to new employees.  The induction will include both clinical time ensuring competence in the operation of equipment, understanding of workflow, policies and procedures, as well as challenging and confirming knowledge competence in relation to key safety policies and procedures. Once mutual competence has been agreed between employee and employer, the induction period will be completed with the achievement of an induction competence certificate.


For Practice & Education enquiries please contact Maria Reynolds or 0121 424 2848

For Ultrasound Practice & Education enquiries please contact Rachel Jordan