Mission, vision & objectives

This page details the vision, mission and service objectives of the Imaging Departments along with the Trusts vision and values.  It sets out who we are, what we stand for and how we work together to maintain a clear sense of purpose.

Departments mission

Pioneering the future of Medical Imaging

Departments Vision

…an inclusive and progressive diagnostic imaging service delivering excellence for all, now and for generations to come…

Departments service Objectives

  • Improve Quality of Care, Access & Outcomes for All
  • Innovate & Care for a Frontier Workforce
  • Work in a Collaborative Network
  • Aspire for a State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Imaging Service

Trusts Vision & Values

The Trust is clear on its vision and values and aims to make sure that they are reflected in all areas of activity. Our vision is simple; building healthier lives. Our values apply to every member of staff. They are working in partnership with others to provide safe, appropriate care and improve outcomes (Collaborative); being transparent in all that we do, communicating openly, inclusively and with integrity (Honest); taking personal and collective responsibility for the way in which we deliver care (Accountable); being responsive, creative and flexible, always looking for ways to do things better (Innovative); treating everyone with compassion, dignity and professionalism (Respectful).