Advanced Practice

The Imaging Department embraces the extended practice of Radiographers into traditionally Consultant Radiologist roles.  We continue to support the development of Advanced Practitioners, both adding to the teams as well as extending the scopes of practice.

The advanced practitioner (AP) encompasses the considerable depth and breadth of radiographic practice. The AP is an experienced registered radiographer who works with a high level of autonomy and complex decision making. AP’s will have developed expert knowledge and skills in relation to the delivery of care in diagnostic radiography. The AP is seen as an integral part of the radiographer team, however the role also include involvement with multidisciplinary meetings to effect improvements in service.  Whilst the overarching feature of the AP is as an expert in clinical practice, this should be an association with one or more of the following:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Practice and Education
  • Audit, Research and Service Development.

Consultant Radiographers are seen as experts in clinical practice with a minimum of 50% clinical component to their role and 50% related to clinical innovation, management, education and research. Their role includes the education and development of colleagues through participation in Multidisciplinary meetings, supporting and offering advice to other members of staff. CR should be the strategic thinkers of the service, exploring new pathways to improve the care and service we deliver to patients. They should challenge the norms and exercise a high level of professional judgement. The role is intended to operate across four key areas or functions:

  • Expert clinical practice
  • Professional leadership and consultancy
  • Education training and development
  • Practice and service development research and education

We have Advanced Practitioners reporting CT Head scans and MRI musculoskeletal images.  We have Advanced Practitioners in Fluoroscopy with barium swallows, HSGs and gastric band adjustments as well as in Interventional Radiology with central line insertions.  We also have an Advanced Practitioner performing breast ultrasound and biopsies who is extending her scope into mammography interpretation.

We have a team of Advanced Practitioners in Ultrasound, who provide half of our Ultrasound Imaging services.  The scope of practice of the team includes obstetrics, gynaecology and abdominal scanning as well as carotids, leg dopplars, small parts and musculoskeletal scanning.