Friends and Family Outpatient Questionnaire

The NHS Friends and Family Test is a simple question that patients across the country are asked about the care they have received.

Patients are asked: “How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?”

Patients can choose from a number of responses ranging from ‘extremely likely’ to ‘extremely unlikely’.

The test aims to encourage patient feedback, show patients that their views and experiences matter to the NHS, and improve patient experience. The test is asked of all inpatients, outpatients and those attending the Emergency Department.

Have you had an outpatient imaging examination and/or treatment in the last month? If so, please complete our friends and family test through our website.

We want to hear from you to help us develop and improve our services.

    Which hospital did you attend?

    Please tell us the area of imaging you attended?

    We would like you to think about your experience in the Outpatient Imaging Department you visited recently.

    1. How likely are you to recommend our department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

    2. What was good about your visit?

    3. What would of made your visit better?

    4. Can you tell us why you gave us that response?

    5. Did you have confidence and trust in the health care professional undertaking your imaging examination and/or and treatment?

    6. From seeing your GP or other health care professional, do you consider your wait for an appointment to have been:

    7. If there was a delay when you arrived for your appointment were you informed on arrival of the delay?

    8. Were you given enough privacy during your imaging examination and/or treatment?

    9. While you were in the department, how much information about your examination and/or treatment was given to you?

    10. If any new medication was prescribed to you during your visit did the member of staff explain:

    A) the purpose of the medication?

    B) the side effects of the medication to watch out for?

    11. Overall, did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity while you were in the department?