Plain Film

Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull currently have a team of 10 (7.61WTE) plain film radiographer Advanced Practitioners (APs) and have more recently appointed the first Consultant Radiographer (1.00WTE) within the organisation reporting plain film images.   Over the next year or so we will be looking to train an additional 4 radiographers.

The skill mix of staff is as follows:

  • 3 AP’s and 1 Consultant Radiographer report images of the chest, abdomen, axial and appendicular skeleton. One member of staff is currently being audited on chest and abdominal images prior to moving to autonomous practice.
  • 1 AP reports images of the chest and appendicular skeleton.
  • 1 AP reports images of the appendicular skeleton (currently training to report the axial skeleton).
  • 4 AP’s report images of the axial and appendicular skeleton.
  • 1 AP is currently completing training in appendicular image reporting and has commenced axial image reporting training.

Core Image Reporting is a postgraduate qualification which suitable radiographers may embark on after 2 years of post-qualification experience. The modules run by Birmingham City University (BCU) include reporting of the axial, appendicular and chest and abdomen. Students also study 2 further core modules towards their PG Dip in image reporting which are Leadership for Advanced Professional Practice and Research. The pathway allows students to step off at Certificate award after 2 years and Diploma award after 3 years maximum or to continue for the full Masters award.

The scope of practice of the team includes appendicular, axial, chest and abdomen reporting and includes referrals from the emergency department, in-patients, out-patients and GPs.