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Fluoroscopy is one of many imaging modalities in our busy imaging department. Digital fluoroscopy uses x-rays to produce images of the body part under investigation on a fluorescent screen which is coupled to a digital video processor. The images are displayed on a visual display unit in real time.

These images are used to diagnose patients suffering from various disorders including but not limited to swallowing disorders (barium swallow & video fluoroscopy), large bowel complaints (e.g. Barium Enema), stomal adjustment following gastric band surgery (gastric band adjustment), infertility (HSG), difficulty in passing water and urinary tract infection (Micturating cystogram), follow up checks after gastro-intestinal surgery (water soluble swallow / water soluble enema), small bowel symptoms (small bowel enema & barium follow through) etc.

There are 3 digital fluoroscopy units within the Trust; one unit per hospital site. Heartlands Hospital is equipped with Philips MultiDiagnost (MD) ELEVA C-arm with Flat Plate Detector.  Good Hope Hospital is equipped with Philips’ MultiDiagnost (MD) Eleva C-arm. Solihull Hospital is equipped with a Siemens’ AXIOM Artis MP multi-functional digital C-arm X-ray system.

Many investigations are under fluoroscopy, the most common examinations performed last year were Barium swallow (about 1600), and gastric band adjustment (about 1000).

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