The Imaging Directorate has a long history of involvement in Preceptorship for radiographers in the first year following graduation.  As a Trust we were involved in a National pilot program, ‘Flying Start’ in 2009 which allowed us to develop a multidisciplinary approach to a Preceptorship program.  This was welcomed by our graduate radiographers who felt it provided additional support and direction of their first year as responsible professionals.

Since the success of this we have continued to embrace the Preceptorship ethos.  All the graduate radiographers we employ have the opportunity to attend the multidisciplinary Preceptorship course, run by our Faculty of Education with our input.  This is a 3 day course run over a period of 3 months.

In parallel to this experience our preceptees also complete a portfolio that provides scenarios / reflection opportunities which demonstrate the breath of their experience and ability to meet the skills and knowledge requirements of their job description.  This is reviewed via regular discussions and recorded meetings with their personal preceptor and provides the basis of the Radiographer’s CPD portfolio.  All preceptors have also attended a 2 day course focussing on developing their leadership, supervision and preceptorship skills in order to standardise the level of support provided to each preceptee.