Specialty: Gastro-Intestinal Radiology

Modalities: Ultrasound, Plain Film X-ray, Nuclear Medicine Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Radiologists: Balraj Dhesi, Dr Lowri Morus, Dr Cyril Nelson, Dr Ben Miller, Dr Mark Goldstein, Dr Khush Alam

GI Radiology relates to imaging and Intervention related to the gastro-intestinal tract, ie, from the mouth to the rectum. More often, the term is used more loosely to include diseases related to the abdomen and the specialty is often called Abdominal Radiology. Broadly speaking, it includes the gullet, stomach, small and large bowel, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, abdominal vessels and the fat.

Clinical specialties

The primary clinical groups we interact with include Upper GI and laparoscopic surgeons, Bariatric surgeons, Colorectal surgeons, Hepatobiliary surgeons, Gastroenterologists, primary care physicians, nurses and dieticians.

Examinations performed

  • CT applications – GI protocol CT, CT Colonography, CT for cancer staging, CT Mesenteric angiography, CT Enterography, CT for pancreas and hepato-biliary tree etc.
  • MR applications – MRCP, liver lesion characterization, MR Pancreas, MR Enterography, MR for cancer staging, Perianal fistulae, MR for pelvic floor disorders, rapid overview abdominal MRI etc.
  • Fluoroscopic applications – The department runs the Laparoscopic Band filling program as a part of bariatric surgery. Traditional tests like barium enemas, small bowel enema, barium swallows, proctography etc. is also performed.
  • Ultrasound applications – General abdominal ultrasound, guided biopsies, Endoscopic ultrasound etc.
  • Interventional Radiology – Biopsies and drainages, Hepatobiliary interventions, Embolisations, GI bleed management, GI tract stenting for strictures.

Clinical meeting times

Time Day Venue Meeting
0800 Tuesday BHH – Radiology seminar room Mainly inflammatory bowel disease and interesting cases
0815 Wednesday BHH – Post Graduate Centre Colorectal MDT
1400 Wednesday Post Graduate Centre Upper GI MDT
Afternoon Tuesday Solihull PG centre
(every 3 months)
Pelvic Floor MDT

Research topics

The department has a national and international repute in research and publications. Topics include Rectal cancer, Perianal fistulae, CT Colonography, CT Cholangiography, CT for GI bleeding, Pelvic floor disorders, Laparoscopic banding etc.

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