Advanced Practice

The Imaging Department embraces the extended practice of Radiographers into traditionally Consultant Radiologist roles.  We continue to support the development of Advanced Practitioners, both adding to the teams as well as extending the scopes of practice.

We have Advanced Practitioners reporting CT Head scans and MRI musculoskeletal images.  We have Advanced Practitioners in Fluoroscopy with barium swallows, HSGs and gastric band adjustments as well as in Interventional Radiology with central line insertions.  We also have an Advanced Practitioner performing breast ultrasound and biopsies who is extending her scope into mammography interpretation.

We have a team of Advanced Practitioners in Ultrasound, who provide half of our Ultrasound Imaging services.  The scope of practice of the team includes obstetrics, gynaecology and abdominal scanning as well as carotids, leg dopplars, small parts and musculoskeletal scanning.