Imaging Quality Improvement Project

The imaging department is launching a Quality Improvement project with the aim of improving the quality of clinical information supplied on imaging requests.  Inspired by Ron Daniel’s internationally recognised SEPSIS 6 mnemonic, we have devised the RADIOL 6.

We have audited a number of key indicators in requests prior to this announcement, and requests will be re-audited at some stage in the future.

The six recommendations will appear in a single pane, on Concerto, prior to entering the Imaging Requesting pane.


Relevant PMH (e.g. Operations, Previous cancer diagnosis, Previous Imaging etc.)


Acute renal impairment (Please state the Urea, Creatinine and eGFR)


Do not ask us “to Rule out….” (Diagnostic tests rarely work so – Bayes theorem, we can “rule in” for e.g. PE on a CTPA )


Injury – Please supply the mechanism of injury


Optimised brain and spine imaging (Please supply information regarding Dermatomes, Myotomes, Tone, Reflexes and Plantars on neurological and spinal imaging requests).


Localisation (Accurately localise symptoms, using anatomical, not lay terminology)


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