Good Hope Hospital moves to syringeless injector technology

Louise Rodgers, CT Site Lead at Good Hope Hospital commented that, “Since having the Ulrich we have significantly reduced the amount of contrast we have administered to patients, without compromising image quality. This is particularly true for CT Pulmonary Angiogram studies, where we are giving less than half the amount of contrast media by utilising the Ulrich’s ‘Contrast Substitution function’. There has been a significant reduction in waste disposal as we no longer have to dispose of individual syringes. Whilst the efficiency and throughput of patients has improved with the Ulrich reservoir contrast injector, as time is no longer spent filling syringes in between patients. We also feel Ulrich promote a very safety conscious injector, with a number of air detectors throughout the device. Further to this, the risk of extravasation has been significantly decreased with the use of a pre-saline injection, acting as a ‘test injection’ for the required flow rate. These safety factors, alongside the improved efficiency within the CT department, have given us great confidence in the Ulrich injector and we are very pleased with the results we are getting from using this system. The educational support provided by Synapse Medical UK has helped us integrate the CT Motion seamlessly into a very busy CT department”.

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