Good Hope Hospital to see the arrival of new state-of-the-art CT scanner

Patients and staff at Good Hope are set to benefit from the arrival of a new state-of-the-art CT scanner.

Work will begin to remove the old scanner on 7 July, allowing for the surrounding area to be refurbished ahead of the arrival of the new equipment which is planned to be up and running in September.

The new scanner will not only provide the team with higher quality images, but the equipment will allow for an extended range of exams for patients.

Upgrading the CT scanner is part of a wider £3 million equipment refurbishment project running throughout the Imaging Department.

Good Hope has already seen the arrival of a new ultrasound machine and a complete refurbishment of the x-ray room in its Emergency Imaging Department. Please note that alternative CT provisions will be in place at Good Hope whilst the refurbishment work is undertaken to
ensure minimal disruption to the service.

Good Hope Hospital moves to syringeless injector technology

Louise Rodgers, CT Site Lead at Good Hope Hospital commented that, “Since having the Ulrich we have significantly reduced the amount of contrast we have administered to patients, without compromising image quality. This is particularly true for CT Pulmonary Angiogram studies, where we are giving less than half the amount of contrast media by utilising the Ulrich’s ‘Contrast Substitution function’. There has been a significant reduction in waste disposal as we no longer have to dispose of individual syringes. Whilst the efficiency and throughput of patients has improved with the Ulrich reservoir contrast injector, as time is no longer spent filling syringes in between patients. We also feel Ulrich promote a very safety conscious injector, with a number of air detectors throughout the device. Further to this, the risk of extravasation has been significantly decreased with the use of a pre-saline injection, acting as a ‘test injection’ for the required flow rate. These safety factors, alongside the improved efficiency within the CT department, have given us great confidence in the Ulrich injector and we are very pleased with the results we are getting from using this system. The educational support provided by Synapse Medical UK has helped us integrate the CT Motion seamlessly into a very busy CT department”.

Picture perfect as imaging department goes digital

Patients set to benefit from the latest state-of-the art digital imaging technology as phase 1 of a £3 million equipment refurbishment nears completion.

 This month, Heartlands completed the £680,000 refurbishment of the interventional radiology suite along with a £270,000 digital x-ray room in its Emergency Department and £425,000 purpose-built general x-ray room within the main hospital. This follows the replacement of a digital x-ray mobile, an image intensifier and CT scanner equipment earlier this year.

The trustwide refurbishment project has also seen Good Hope take arrival of a new ultrasound machine in the main imaging department and a new digital x-ray room in its Emergency  Imaging Department. Plans are now underway to replace the CT scanner with completion by the summer.

The modern facilities and state-of-the-art imaging equipment, which offer a continuous 24/7 patient-centred service, will allow the team to see and treat more patients, more quickly due to reduced waiting times, along with the ability to perform a wider-range of procedures. The new surroundings will also make a huge difference to not only the service but to all our hospital sites, patients and staffs’ care and experience.

Thomas Lowbridge, Group Manager & Lead Radiographer for Imaging said:

“It’s fantastic to see the new facilities open and our staff are really enjoying using the new equipment. As we progress our plans, it is great to see our patients and staff benefitting from the upgrade.  There is still some work to be done at each of our hospitals to complete the upgrade and there is lots of preparation to do as the design and enabling works have begun on the Ambulatory Care and Diagnostics (ACAD) centre at Heartlands. The £70m project is due for completion in 2020 and it will provide us with world-class facilities that really will see us pioneering the future of medical imaging.”

As part of the project, the team has also refreshed their website, providing a range of information for patients and staff wanting to know more about the service on offer. You can visit this at: you can also follow @HEFTradiology and keep an eye out for updates in future editions of News@.

Radiology refurbishment update

Work has been completed at Heartlands and the new CT scanner is fully installed and operational.

Plans are underway at Good Hope to remove the old CT scanner and prepare the area so that the new scanner can be installed. The new interventional radiology suite at Heartlands opened for patients at the end of March and we will bring you a full look inside at the new facilities in the next edition.

The imaging team ran a successful recruitment drive in February, attending an event at Birmingham City University to attract new members to the team.

The team has already interviewed 27 candidates and are looking to continue recruiting over the coming months.

If you would be interested to see what opportunities are available, visit or follow @heftradiology for the latest updates.

Replacement CT Scanners

The next phase of the imaging equipment replacement is now underway as work has started at Heartlands to replace the CT scanner.

There is now a temporary CT scanner operational which is located in the middle of the X-ray department. This means that the CT department will be separated for around six to eight weeks as work is undertaken to install the replacement scanner.

Whilst the work is carried out, some disruption to service may occur until the re-opening of the CT department with the new scanner in late March.

Following this work, the old CT scanner at Good Hope will be removed in late March with the installation of the new scanner beginning late April. The new scanner at Good Hope should be operational in mid May 2017.

There will also be some disruption to the CT service at Good Hope while the work is carried out but once complete, the equipment upgrade will make a huge difference to not only the service but to all our hospital sites, patients and staffs’ care and experience.

Theatre upgrade for interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is a medical speciality that uses the various imaging and scanning facilities to offer a range of minimally invasive procedures which, in many cases, can replace conventional open surgery. Advances in scanning and medical device technologies over recent years have seen a huge increase in the scope and ability of Interventional Radiology to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Heartlands has one of the busiest interventional radiology centres in the country, offering over 60 different procedures and performing over 2,500 examinations a year. As part of the rolling improvement works currently underway with the imaging department, a £750,000 refurbishment of the theatre is underway to upgrade the equipment and facilities.

The modern facilities and state-of-the-art imaging equipment will allow the team to see and treat more patients, more quickly due to reduced waiting times, along with the ability to perform a wider-range of procedures. The new surroundings will also make a huge difference to not only the service but to all our hospital sites, patients and staffs’ care and experience.

In order to complete the upgrade, the theatre will remain closed until the opening of the replacement theatre in March. The next stage of the project will see the relocation and upgrade of the general x-ray room with digital equipment, followed by a newly refurbished digital x-ray room in the Emergency Department. Further equipment purchased includes a digital x-ray mobile, an image intensifier, MRI and CT scanner. The Interventional Radiology theatre at Good Hope was fully refurbished and upgraded in 2012, along with seeing the arrival of a new ultrasound machine and a digital x-ray room in its Emergency  Imaging Department late last year.

There may be some slight changes to the imaging and radiology service while the on-going transformation work is carried out. All patients with related appointments will be informed ahead of attending the hospital and operational updates for staff will be in the weekly Round-up.

Further improvement plans are underway, not just at Heartlands and Good Hope, but Solihull too. The latest updates are available @HEFTradiology and keep an eye out in future editions of News@.

£3 million investment to provide best in patient care

Patients are set to benefit following the opening of a new state of the art digital x-ray room at Good Hope.  Refurbishment of the x-ray room started in the summer and was completed in October following the arrival of the new equipment. The new x-ray room, based in the Emergency Department, will not only give patients access to the best care and experience, it will support the team and the site to better manage the increasingly heavy demand on its emergency services.

Good Hope has already benefitted from the arrival of a new ultrasound machine in the main imaging department and there are further plans in place to replace the CT Scanner later this year along with adding an additional MRI scanner in April 2017.

The imaging equipment replacement is part of a larger project across all sites, which has seen an investment of over £3m, to upgrade and modernise the imaging facilities ahead of the planned developments with the ACAD.

Work will be carried out over the coming months and is set to complete by the summer of 2017. These will include a replacement interventional radiology room at Heartlands along with the relocation and replacement of general x-ray room, replacement of the ED x-ray room, digital x-ray mobile, an image intensifier, MRI and CT scanner. Solihull will also be receiving new equipment in the coming months, to which plans are currently being finalised.

The teams are now working with NHS Supply Chain in the design of a rolling equipment replacement programme and have started exploring possible options for the next financial year and beyond. Further information and the details will be circulated to patients and staff once the timelines have been agreed as, in order to complete the work, some disruption to service may occur.

Once complete, the imaging equipment upgrade will make a huge difference to not only the service but to all our hospital sites, patients and staffs’ care and experience.

Step forward for state-of-the-art ACAD Centre

Heartlands Hospital has secured the initial £3m funding required to kick start the ‘design and enabling works’ of a new, state-of-the-art health centre building on the site. The opening of a proposed Ambulatory Care And Diagnostics (ACAD) Centre would provide world-class facilities and equipment, giving thousands of patients access to high quality care in a new and improved environment.

The estimated £70m project would also help the hospital better manage the increasing demands on its services. Endoscopy, outpatients and a range of day case procedures and associated imaging are thought to be some of the vital services likely to be housed within the building.

Dame Julie Moore, interim chief executive said: “We have been in negotiations for some time with the Treasury and are very pleased to have now secured the first tranche of funding we need to take this ambitious project forward.

This much-needed investment for Heartlands will make a huge difference to how many of our services are run and will greatly benefit our patients’ and staff’s experience. Although nationally Trusts are currently subject to increased scrutiny, we remain confident and hopeful that following the initial ‘enabling works’ stage, we can secure further funding to proceed to the building phase.”

Solihull Hospital Breast Imaging Team introduce latest 3D screening technology

Solihull Hospital patients are to benefit from the latest in 3D diagnostic screening to detect breast cancer.  In December 2016, the Breast Imaging Team at Solihull Hospital upgraded to the GE’s SenoClaire Tomosynthesis equipment which uses a low dose x-ray sweep equivalent to that of a 2D acquisition.

Following the investment, the most up-to-date technologies will be available to patients using the Symptomatic Breast Service at Heart of England NHS Foundation. We perform up to five procedures a week and are collecting data to support a clinical audit of the use of Tomosynthesis within our symptomatic service. The improved 3D image quality will allow the team to provide the highest level of care possible to all patients.

Before receiving the new equipment, local protocol was to use two view Tomosynthesis (CC and MLO) to the appropriate breast, with the intention of replacing the need for traditional paddle views in patients with asymmetric densities/distortions of the breast.

The new equipment will enable the trust to compare findings to those of other centres within the UK using the technology.