Information Leaflets

Below is an incomplete list of patient information leaflets, in PDF format, prepared by the Radiology Directorate at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

X-ray | Fluoroscopy | Bone Densitometry | MRI | Mammography | CT | Ultrasound | Nuclear Medicine



They are intended as information leaflets for patients who are recommended to have any one of these specific radiology procedures which are listed under their appropriate modality. They should facilitate informed debate between patients and clinical staff.

Departments are welcome to use the texts as they stand for the purposes of incorporation into their own patient information leaflets or inclusion in other information provided to patients in advance of their appointments, subject to the appropriate acknowledgement as set out below.

Those using these leaflets must satisfy themselves that the information is accurate and appropriate for the individual case. Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Radiology Directorate cannot accept any legal liability arising out of their use.

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