Image Transfer/Exchange Portal

During core hours we can transfer images between our PACS system and the majority of other Trusts’ PACS systems within England using the Image Exchange Portal (IEP).

View a list of Trusts connected to IEP

External requests for images should be communicated via the local PACS team by emailing: For security reasons all mailings containing patient demographics to this email account MUST be from another NHS mail account.

For non-urgent internal requests for images transfers either into UHB PACS or to other hospitals please complete this form and email it to

For urgent transfers bleep the PACS team on 2835, 8182 or 0215 or call 45254, 49136 or 41280

Transfers outside of normal working hours to a number of sites can be completed by the on-call radiographer. For all other sites it is only possible to transfer images by creating a CD. Out of hours transfers into this trust should be made directly to the source hospital and will be received directly into PACS.

As we do not have the capacity or the legal right to store images imported from other sites into the UHB  PACS archive at Heartlands, Good Hope, Solihull Hospitals, Community Services and Birmingham Chest Clinic  we will automatically delete all images after 3 months.

All images imported are stored at the site of origin. If they have been deleted from UHB PACS they may be restored at a later date on request.